Sept. 16, 2012
This month I'm celebrating an anniversary - the third one of having a very close relationship with The City. It was all interest and excitement at the beginning, almost hatred afterwards (during one of the hottest and most humid summers recently, while being unemployed and fighting the first trimester nausea), but then it got settled somehow, and we are on good terms now. What's more, I think our relationship may be even improving or at least, I stopped the care so much about the lack of visible evidence regarding functionality improvement, and can value the effort of trying.

What helped to change my point of view, besides other things, was experiencing NYC by bike and seeing some single-street downtowns elsewhere in USA. Both helped me to realize how colorful and rich in possibilities NYC is.

This photo quite sums it up. Shot in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the new NYC that (non-hipster) tourists never heard about, with the famous skyline in the background, it displays what you think may be the best about living there (or here?). Here are my few takes.

fine palette
the market at Union Square

postcard from NYC
New Jersey skyline

silent dance
ballet practice at the shore, Manhattan west

bon appetit!

in prospect park
Prospect Park

god bless little poland :) ...

yes, just another day in new york
Halloween, D-train

Union Square

Union Square

Boerum Hill

Park Slope

an evening at the museum
concert at Brooklyn Museum

snowy brooklyn
Park Slope

the snowiest days of this year
Park Slope

a view from the brooklyn ikea
Red Hook

a memory of winter

a day in downtown manhattan
East Village

brighton beach
Brighton Beach

a view from the highline
Highline Park, Chelsea

chat atop a beach
Orchard Beach, Bronx


a story from williamsburg

in barnes&noble
Barnes&Noble, Union Square

prospect park idyll
Prospect Park

prospect park november
Prospect Park/Park Slope

winter in nyc
Prospect Park/East Village

matching palette
Midtown West/Brooklyn Heights

april sunset on our roof
our roof, Park Slope

east village street art
East Village

the symbol of brooklyn
Coney Island

park slope thrift store
thrift store, Park Slope

in chelsea market
Chelsea Market

However, I noticed that I'm taking pictures of now-my city quite a bit less than in the past. And it's something to consider, because NYC is definitely worth it.