photo of the month -> July 2015
Oct. 13, 2015
The month spent in anticipation of the European trip in August. We still had fun in Catskills (independence weekend), on the beach (Fire Island), in the park, and attending some birthday parties. The first picture is from Hull-o Farms in Durham (Catskills), the second one from Fire Island.

photo of the month -> August 2015
Oct. 13, 2015
That was the month I awaited for at least the previous three months. Karin's first trip abroad involved 5 countries - Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Sweden. And she did fantastic! Stanko suffered from over-stimulation at times. Unfortunately for us, that's usually a recipe for tantrum with him. I shot mostly family snaps, since the time we can spent with our dear ones back home is so rare. The first picture is the beautiful landscape of Wicklow Mountains in south-eastern Ireland. The latter two are both from Prague. The first one in "I need coffee!" hipsta coffee place near Náplavka. And because I like myself on that one. The second one is from the zoo - because it's a great picture of my monkey.

photo of the month -> February 2014
May 7, 2014
A bed-and-breakfast near Windham.

photo of the month -> March 2014
May 7, 2014
The wintry tale of the early March. The birthday visit of Intrepid.

photo of the month -> April 2014
May 7, 2014
On top of Peak 6, Breckenridge, Colorado. Hiking Red Rock Canyon, Manitou Springs, Colorado.

photo of the month -> January 2014
Feb. 17, 2014
This winter surely is rich on snow. On the way to work, in Park Slope.

photo of the month -> November 2013
Jan. 16, 2014
Ashokan Reservoir, Catskills

photo of the month -> December 2013
Jan. 16, 2014
On the way from Pyšely to Brtnice.

photo of the month -> October 2013
Nov. 1, 2013
For the last two years, I made a visit to New England at the time of peak foliage, which made these trips a sort of tradition. It's beautiful, fairly affordable, and I need a few day long break from the city at least once every season. Petr and Marjánka, our friends from college, have moved to Maine this spring for Petr's research in genetics. Hence we could combine two great things into one, and visit them and Acadia National Park at the same time.

Government shutdown and the resulting closing of national parks made us a little worried for a while but for no reason, really. People didn't seem to notice. On the first picture, there's Petr's 6-year old daughter Svatava and Stanko. She was interested in him so much that her younger brother (coincidentally, also Standa) has become jealous. On the second one, there's Acadian foliage cliche and Svatava's younger brother on the bike. The third one - more of the incredible colors.

photo of the month -> September 2013
Oct. 22, 2013
Hunting for newts. Lapland Lake, southern Adirondacks, NY.