portraits of a child - year one

Stanko turned 3 a week ago. A retrospective of our joyful life with him.

with daddy at 3 weeks

with mommy at 7 weeks

a milestone, nearly 3 months

first time visit of grandparents at 3 months, Prague

with daddy, 4 1/2 months

first time in the swing, 6 months

apple picker, 6 months

in the cold, after bath, 9 months

in the snow, 10 months, Rudňany

sledding, 10 months, Rudňany

it's snowing, 11 months, Vermont

with mommy, one year

flying, one year

upside down


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Не буду рассказывать сказки о том, что нужно зарегестрировать кошелёк, потом нажать на кнопку, потом снимать деньги... ;)
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