portraits of a child - year three

March 25, 2014
Stanko turned 3 a week ago. A retrospective of our joyful life with him.

the beginnings of a great obsession, 2 years

two hikers, 25 months, Taghkanic lake

fearless rider, 25 months

on the roof, 25 months

breakfast, 26 months

my first music festival, 26 months

in West Virginia, 26 months

in the fern, 26 months, West Virginia

at ease, 27 months

roller coaster, 27 months

the wedding guest, 27 months, Pec pod Sněžkou

sharing, 27 months, Hýskov

busy at the sandbox, 28 months, Rudňany

learning to swim, 28 months, Oravská priehrada

in the cold brook, 28 months, mill Oblazy

in the storm, 28 months, Orava

apple picking, 29 months

the real perspective, 29 months

Adirondacks swimming, 29 months

after rain, before rain, 29 months, Adirondacks

we've got drenched to the bone, 29 months, Adirondacks

the very real hiker, 29 months, Adirondacks

with the view, 29 months, Adirondacks

the thirsty boy, 29 months, Adirondacks

newt hunting, 29 months, Adirondacks

canoeing, 29 months, Adirondacks

playing a fisher, 30 months

tired at Makers Faire, 30 months

with my friend Svatava, 31 months, Bar Harbor

eating a lobster, 31 months

the artist, 31 months

baking, 31 months

the fall, 31 months

playing with leaves, 32 months

at Ashokan reservoir, 32 months

little baker, 33 months

where's the train, 33 months, Prague

jetlagged, 33 months, Prague

with grandma, 33 months, Rudňany

the pianist, Prague

playing with the Christmas presents, 34 months

no shortage of snow, 35 months