What makes a good photo?

June 9, 2012
I'm not quite satisfied with my photos lately. Thus I compiled a few notes for myself:

  1. Good light is important but not sufficient, if the scene is boring and there's no vision behind.
  2. It helps to let the others have a peek into your personal life but beware of being show-offy. If you are, it may deserve you attention (think celebrities) but not respect.
  3. Get out of your home, head to nature at best. It is not only beautiful but there's much more freedom to photograph people than it is in the squeezed city streets. A small person amidst vast landscape somehow makes a powerful statement.
  4. Don't shoot random people in the street if there's no personal connection between you and them. It's not artistic, it's boring. Especially the 15th+ picture.
  5. Try to have a story behind each photo. In that way, it becomes unique, not just the same picture that everyone else has taken in the same place.
  6. Think. Ahead. Being spontaneous is often rewarding but if you are at least a bit familiar with the photoshoot circumstances, it helps to spend a while thinking what picture would you like to bring home. It's less likely that you'll get a great idea afterwards, while lying in the bed in the evening.
  7. Having decent gear helps, especially with landscape photography, but anything really high-end is very secondary to having a great vision.
  8. Not sure about photo projects. On one hand, committing to regular photo projects challenges creativity and after all, complies with 6. However, can we really create a memorable moment out of nothing? Probably the best thing would be to make memorable events more frequent in one's life.
Here are a few examples of photos that immediately caught my attention:


Mr Sullivan

ansela adamsova



eros turannos

Bradley Farrish

Katrina Lane